You guys. Hi! I’m not quite sure how to start here, so it might sound like random ramblings, but here goes nothing!

Welcome to Jet Set Dhruvi! If you’re here because you used to follow my old blog – Stilettos & Sequins (which is now re-routed to this site), thank you so SO much for being here! If you’re new, well …. welcome! By the way, in case you’re wondering, I’m listening to this beautiful song, as I write this! Anybody heard this song/artist?

Ok, I digress (told you – random ramblings). Back to this post. For those of you that didn’t know my old blog, I started it in 2011, and it was primarily a personal style blog! That blog, in a lot of ways, was my escape from a lot of other things that were going on in my life. I really enjoyed blogging, and had the opportunity to meet some incredible people, and partner with some awesome brands – DFS x Shopstyle, ASOS, Marshalls, to name a few. Then, I stopped. So, what happened?

As much as I loved my blog, I was getting to a point where I wasn’t feeling motivated, and I was no longer enjoying it. When I’d started my blog, I’d told myself that the day I stopped enjoying it, I’d stop. I went on for a while, almost forcing myself, but then towards the end of 2015, I reached a point where my heart wasn’t in it at all. Also, there was A LOT going on in my personal life. I was in a …. weird relationship situation (I’m not even sure how else to describe it), and I was living in a place where I was not happy at all. Overall, I was just in a dark place. So, blogging started feeling like a burden, and I felt too much pressure to publish posts. Integrity has always been a big thing for me, and the last thing I wanted to do was to publish content that was inauthentic. Pictures of me looking like I was living my best life when really …. I wasn’t.

So, I stopped. Right after that post in December 2015, I went on a month-long social media hiatus. I had to make the decision to take care of myself. It’s a different story that I still wasn’t in a good place. For months after that. Still living in a place where I wasn’t happy. Feeling extremely trapped, in a life that I’m imagined being very …. very different. I wrote all about what I was dealing with, at the time here, if you’d like to read more. Between then and now, I wrote a few, sporadic travel posts. I tried to get back to blogging, but …. I couldn’t.

Anyway, fast forward about a year to November 2016. I got an incredible job offer, which came with the opportunity to move back home to New Jersey. Keep in mind, I’ve tried to leave Jersey on more than one occasion, and I still don’t think this will be my permanent home. However, at that time, the only thing I needed is to be close to family and friends. I needed to be with my people. I needed to press the reset button. So, I jumped on it! I packed up my car and drove on back to Jersey! Throughout 2016, though, I did have the opportunity to travel. Not a lot, but more than I had in previous years. Traveling is something I’d always wanted to do, but first I was saving up for business school, then I was in business school, and then …. I was trying to save up a bit before starting to travel. 2016 was a good year, in that I finally got to travel, including my solo trip to Colombia, which was amazing!

So, now it’s 2017. I’ve been back in Jersey for about 6 months, and at last …. I feel balanced. I’m in a really good place (and I’m not scared to say that out loud). As I start to find more balance, I started traveling more. If you follow me in Insta, you know 2017 has already been an incredible year of travels for me. As I started feeling more balanced in life, I started to miss blogging. However, I didn’t wanna go back to the same ol’ blog and brand. So, I started thinking about re-branding.

I decided to re-brand because I just couldn’t find myself connecting with personal style blogging anymore. Don’t get me wrong …. I still love dressing up. If y’all watch my Insta stories or snaps, I post my fair share of OOTDs. I just didn’t feel connected to “fashion blogging”, but I realized I loved traveling, and writing about my trips. Also, when I wasn’t blogging, a ton of people were always reaching out asking about when I was going to blog about the trips I was going on. So, I decided it was time to re-brand to something that felt more like …. me. At the current stage in my life.  And that brings us here ….

Jet Set Dhruvi

I still wasn’t super sure about this re-brand and re-launch, so I decided to just re-design the website myself! (Humble brag: I’m kind of proud of this new site design)

Jet Set Dhruvi isn’t just about traveling. The way I envision it, I wanna write about my favorite local spots, what’s going on in my life, maybe some dating stories (since, dating in this day & age is agonizing and horrifying, but I’m sure it’ll be entertaining for y’all)!

Ok, I’m done with my random rambling. I’d love to hear you guys’ thoughts on the new site, content, and whatever else. Also, if there’s a particular type of content you’d like to see, please let me know! :)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU …. a million times over …. for reading this and for your support!

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