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Hi lovelies. Hope y’all had a good weekend. I was MIA last week. The last two weeks have been a very difficult time, of loss, for my family. So, I’ve just been spending as much time with family, as possible. Blogging, though, has always been a savior for me, in many ways. It’s a much-needed distraction, and I am fortunate to have always received so much kindness, support & encouragement from all you guys. As tough as things have been, I take comfort in knowing that life, somehow, always goes on.

So, I brought this floral skirt to Puerto Rico with me (remember this packing photo?). A floral skirt outfit would’ve been perfect for the trip, but I never got a chance to wear this skirt while I was there. So, I ended up wearing this outfit for my birthday brunch a couple weeks ago. I love all the beautiful colors in the floral skirt, and the structure of it! It definitely screams Spring! Then again, any floral skirt outfit does, no? And at just $22, this floral skirt is a definitely no brainer!


No, I don’t have a kid. When we shot over the weekend, my friend and blog photog, Natasha, brought her little cousin with her. Her cousin was telling me all the different ways I should pose, so I told her to walk with me. I am obsessed with all that sass – hand on hip and all. Isn’t she just adorable? She approved my floral skirt!


This was me, taking a picture of Natasha’s cousin, imitating her pose while she took my picture!



Skirt // Old Navy Shirt (Similar) // Lulu’s Sandals, c/o (Similar) // Julie Vos Gold Link Bracelet, c/o

Today’s outfit is all about mixing prints. There are a couple tricks to successfully mixing prints. I usually like to mix a bolder print, with a smaller print. The floral skirt has a bold, colorful print, and mixes great with the polka dot shirt. It’s also a good bet to keep your outfit in the same color family. This outfit works because the skirt and shirt are both blue. Check out some of my favorite mix print outfits, from the past here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Phew that’s a lot! How do you mix your prints?

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Photos by Natasha

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