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Vintage Gucci Accessory Collection

Remember I talked about seeing a beautiful vintage bag in this post? Well, I’m so excited to share this find with you, and the story behind it! As I mentioned in Monday’s post, Maddy and I spotted this bag on Thursday. While we were eyeing this bag, and debating whether it was an authentic vintage Gucci bag, another woman snatched it up! So, Maddy and I kicked ourselves in the rear, and continued shopping. When we were checking out, I noticed this bag on hold. So, I asked to see it, and realized it was definitely an authentic vintage Gucci bag! It’s from the Accessory Collection, and based on my research so far, it’s from the 70s or 80s. Anyways, I asked the guy how long they’d hold the bag for the other woman, and he said 48 hours!! So, I asked if there is any chance they could call me if she didn’t show up, and he took down my information.

Friday was July 4th and it was a super crazy day. Then on Saturday, Costa Rica was playing and it was an extremely stressful game, and a devastating loss. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have see this picture, where I mentioned why the Costa Rica game meant so much to me! Anyways, as the game ended and Costa Rica lost, I was literally in tears. I was really, really happy about how far the Costa Rican team had made it; and I was really blown away by their resilience and determination. However, I was still super sad they lost! In the midst of all the weekend’s craziness, I had completely forgotten about this bag! As I’m sitting on my couch, crying, I get a call from an unknown number. I didn’t pick up, but they left a voicemail! I’m sure, by now, you’ve probably guessed who the call was from – the shopt!!!! It was about this vintage Gucci bag!!!! They said the other lady never showed up, and I had till closing that night to go get it! It was just the pick-me-up I needed, after Costa Rica’s loss! I knew it was meant to be! So, I went over there and picked up my gorgeous vintage Gucci bag!! It’s my first ever luxury brand purchase, and it’s also my first ever vintage purchase! I am so, SO excited about it!

Scoring this vintage Gucci bag on Saturday, and doing this on Sunday. I feel like I’m still high from the weekend!

Vintage Gucci Bag

Nude Bow Pumps

Vintage Gucci Blue Bag

Jordache Skinny Jeans

c/o Jordache Ankle Skinny Jeans // H&M Tank // H&M Blazer // Vintage Gucci Bag // Betsey Johnson Pumps via TJ Maxx

Btw, I’ve been living in these Jordache skinny jeans! They’re great to dress up or down, and fit perfectly!

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