Happy Friday, lovies! So, my mom takes almost all my pictures for the blog and she’s pretty freakin’ fantastic, considering she’s not a professional photog. However, she has this habit of going click happy sometimes and the outcome is – bloopers! I wanted to share some of em with you today.

Whooo is that over there?DSC_0025_1Original Post

Mom: I like this picture. Me: Um, my face is covered by leaves. Mom: So? It’s about your outfit, no? #NoWordsDSC_0043Original Post

I’m gonna keeel youu!

DSC_0063Originial Post

Wait, mom, I think someone is looking.

DSC_0056Original Post

Hate when my hair gets all stuck in my lip gloss!

DSC_0260Originial Post

Coming up from my Pad Hastasana, one vertebrae at a time.

DSC_0144Original Post

Hmmm, where’s that damn hair that keeps tickling me?

DSC_0141Original Post

Awk. Ward. Hands.

DSC_0151Original Post

And there ya have it! Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!




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OMG this is my 100th post, you guys! This look is so different for me, personally. I guess it’s my spin on office wear – since I’m graduating in a few short weeks, and all! :-0 When I used to work, before grad school, I would never stick to the typical blacks/greys/blues. I always loved wearing colors. So, this is me prepping myself for when I’m back in the workforce – which will be soon, hopefully. The great thing about this outfit is that it’s totally work appropriate (even without a blazer!) and can still be worn straight to happy hour! View Post