Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

So, it’s that time again! I always love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, because they have SO much good stuff, and at great prices. It’s also what I hate about doing this post, because as I’m finding things for this post, my shopping gets out of control. However, I also couldn’t not share my favorites with y’all. So, here they are! Just click on the item you wanna buy – easy peasy! PS – If you can’t see the images, please turn off your pop up blocker. Happy shopping! :)

Those grey boots, you guys! I am obsessed, but I don’t think they’re warranted now that I live in Texas. I hope some of y’all will snatch them up, so I can live vicariously through you, when you wear them!

Ok, so I’ve had my eye on this amazing bathing suit, for a while now, and now that it’s on sale, it’s definitely going to make it’s way to the closet. This bathing suit can seriously work miracles, for any body type, without looking frumpy or boring! The mesh inserts are super sexy!

The Nars Lip Pencil Set is also making it’s way to me, because I am loving all three of these colors – perfect for Summer or Fall/Winter!

Have so much fun shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and definitely let me know what y’all end up buying!



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