So, a few weeks ago, I “rotated” all my shoes. I think I own over 60 pairs, not including sneakers, flip flops, and sandals; and I rotate them twice a year to prepare for spring/summer and fall/winter. Anyways, as I was in the middle of this project, I realized that there are some shoes that I wear ALL the time, but most of them have been worn a few times, if that – I’m sure this is the case with a lot of women! That’s where the motivation of this post comes from. So, from my personal experience and feedback from my awesome twitter followers, I’ve come up with the 10 shoes that every woman should own –

The Classic Black Pump: This is pretty much a given. My pick – the Aldo’s Stever pump. The heel height on this pump and the round toe make em perfect for work/interviews and the interesting shape makes em perfect for a night out!
Nude Pump: The new black pump, in my opinion – a nude pump can instantly add class to any outfit and the right nude – that matches your skin tone – can elongate legs! My pick – the Aldo Lazcano Peep Toe Pump. The patent leather and peep toe add a fun elements and these are great for work or play!
Ballet Flats: Comfortable and stylish, these are a must. All you need is a black pair, a nude pair, and a bold pair!
Metallic Sandals: Whether it’s a wedding, a gala, or a night of dancing – metallic sandals make the prefect go-to!

Boots: I personally love my flat, black boots or as I like to call them – city boots. They’re the perfect combination of comfort, style and coziness! The buckle detail on this Sofft Claremont Riding Boot adds ample character to a plain, black boot! It’s also good to own a pair of heeled tall boots. The Nine West Ivanbella Boots are simple enough to pair with just about anything with the buckle adding a pretty detail! Also, depending on the weather where you live, it might be good to own a pair of rain boots! Since rainy days are gloomy and blah, I’d suggest getting a pair of fun, bright rain boots – like these adorable frog rain boots!
Sexy Heels: Every woman needs a pair of shoes that make her feel sexier than usual! The Jimmy Choo Loila Sandal is the epitome of sexy! In my friend Rina’s words, they’re “a tease” because there’s the “allure of skin” and I agree.
Booties: Booties are super versatile and are perfect for all seasons. I’m in love with these Colin Stuart Peep Toe Booties. I like that they’re longer than ankle length so they’d be perfect to wear over jeans. The metallic platform is super edgy and these can definitely elongate bare legs!
Espadrilles: Espadrilles are a summer essential. You can pair em with ankle or rolled up jeans, sun dresses, skirts, denim cutoffs and pretty much anything else that’s summery! I absolutely love the Aldo Noriega Wedges.
Flat Sandals: Another summer essential – great to have a few casual flats and a couple fancy ones! Aldo’s always has a fantastic selection.

Sneakers: Yes! Every woman needs to own, at least, 1 pair of cute sneakers – not ones you work out in. A basic pair of Converse Chuck Taylors is probably your best bet!

Well, that’s it – my list of 10(ish) shoes every woman should own! What do you guys? Do you agree? Disagree? Did I miss any?


Hello Fashion Lovers!
I’d like to start off by thanking my bestie- Dhruvi Brahmbhatt for convincing (and nagging me :P) into the world of blogging. Not only is she an amazing friend and my partner in crime, she has been a great support and influence in my life and even in my fashion sense. Her ability to effortlessly put together trendy colors, prints, and textures that I could never even conceive has helped me evolve and develop my own individual sense of style. Thanks boo <3
By profession I am a Biomedical Engineer for the U.S. Army (Yeah- im kinda a nerd) but to any of those who have walked into my office, you’ll find more copies of Cosmo, Glamour, Lucky and Allure than any scientific journals or papers. I’ve always had a great interest in fashion and beauty for as long as I remember. I recall sitting around with my cousins – dressing them up with different outfits, trying new hairstyles, makeup trends and playing “spa”. Looking your best on the outside is definitely a reflection of how you feel on the inside- when you look your best, you feel your best. I also don’t believe that one should hide behind clothes and make-up, they are only accessories to highlight your true inner beauty!
With the end of summer approaching, my husband and I decided to take a last minute vacay to Puerto Rico Labor Day weekend. It’s been a pretty hectic summer, so we really wanted to let loose. It was my first time there and I absolutely loved it – the people, the food, the weather!! It was great. Unfortunately, upon return I realized that my extended time in the sun and pool had let to my hair and skin looking parched and dry. I came back wanting a makeover ASAP to get ready for the fall season. Looking to revitalize my look, I sought after my end of summer essentials!

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt: I discovered this product during my trip to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas in 2009. I decided to get a signature Elemis massage at the Mandara Spa on Atlantis Paradise Island and it was by far one of the most beautiful and relaxing spas I have been to. As the massage began, the room was immediately filled with a very aromatic fragrance. When I inquired about the product I was told that it was an Elemis body oil used at the spa. I fell in LOVE this scent – it is a combination of coconut oil, sandalwood and jasmine and brings back fond memories of my grandmothers house in Mysore, India. I knew I had to have this product. It can be purchased at Mandara, Elemis, or Bliss spas and can also be found online. When warmed, the oil can be massaged onto skin, penetrating deep and making it super soft. The Elemis Monoi melt is pretty pricey, but a little goes a long way. This product is perfect for dry skin and really restores smoothness and moisture- not to mention the scent is to die for!

Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Retexturizer Exfoliating Scrub: My favorite part of any skin care routine is exfoliation. A good exfoliation can not only get rid of dead, dry skin cells but also clear tone, texture and reduce hyper pigmentation and pore size. There are so many different kinds of exfoliating scrubs on the market, and at times it’s difficult to identify which type is suitable for your skin. I have been looking for a good exfoliator for some time now, so when I heard about the Peter Thomas Roth  Laser-Free™ Retexturizer™ Exfoliating Scrub I decided to try it out. What is unique about this exfoliator, is that it is not only a textured scrub, it is also an enzyme glycolic peel. After getting back from PR I used this scrub on my face. I could see immediate results – my skin looked more even and healthy, and felt very smooth. At $38 per bottle this stuff isn’t cheap, but the product lasts and using it 1-2 times per week is more than enough to maintain your glowing skin.
Moroccan Oil: Over the last few years there has been so much hype over Morrocon Oil and its benefits to hair. Numerous brands of this oil claim that this antioxidant rich oil will give hair dramatic shine and softness. Returning from four days of sitting out in the sun and spending hours in the pool, my hair needed an emergency fix. Desperate, I decided to try an un-opened bottle of Morrocanoil I had purchased years ago and realized what all the hype is about. I rubbed a small amount of product through my towel dried hair and blow-dried it as usual. My hair felt softer and healthier than it has felt in a LONG time. In addition, there was no greasiness (something I wouldn’t expect from an oil serum) and my hair seemed to have great volume and bounce. I am totally hooked!
I am excited to begin as the beauty blogger on Stillettos and Sequins and hope to bring forth insights and topics that appeal to readers. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!



You guys might have seen my tweets and facebook posts about an exciting announcement coming to the blog. I have been dying to share this with you guys and finally, here it is ….

S&S is getting a beauty expert, ya’ll! My best friend, my personal beauty guru, my confidante and my voice of reason – Sheela! After a year of nagging her, she has finally decided to join S&S! Sheela and I have been best friends since 2002 and she’s like the sister I never had. She and I have seen each other through lots of ups and downs and she’s always been my rock. I am so thrilled to be doing this with her. S&S is only getting bigger and better and I’m sure you guys are going to love her!

Sheela and me, at her 2011 wedding in India!

Sheela, who’s been a Sephora VIP for years, knows everything about everything when it comes to beauty! When I go to Sephora, or any other beauty store with her, she always knows more than the trained employees there. She’s a subscriber to various beauty publications and magazines, and will be joining the blog to share all her beauty knowledge and to answer all your beauty-related questions!

The best part is that her expertise comes from her personal experiences and when she vouches for a product, I trust her. I honestly couldn’t think of a better person to bring to S&S!

The summer just came to an end and with months of exposing skin and hair to the harsh sun and, and pool and ocean waters, it’s time to fix all the damage! Stay tuned for Sheela’s first post – coming to the blog on Monday – where she talks about her end of summer essentials!

Once again, I hope you will help me welcome Sheela to S&S!

Welcome to your new playground, boo! 




So, I just recently started using Spotify and am still trying to figure it out. I searched for some song today and this whole playlist starts playing …. or something like that. I don’t even know how this all went down.

Anyways, I’m sitting here listening to this playlist and it’s playing a good mix of all genres of English songs and Bollywood songs. So, I tweet – “Idk who’s playlist I’m listening to on Spotify but I like it. A good mix of English and Bollywood music.” So, one of my follower tweets me, asking what the playlist is called and I tweet back saying I’m not even sure if it’s someone else’s playlist since I’m still trying to figure Spotify out. Now I’m curious too coz I wanna find out what this playlist is – it’s a really good playlist so I wanna share it. So, I start scrolling up and when I scroll all the way to the top, I see this – 

That’s right, I was listening to my own library! How am I supposed to know Spotify does that?

Here’s the tweet that followed – “This is going to be the MOST #epic of all my tweets …. EVER! The Spotify playlist mentioned in my previous tweet is my own iTunes library.”

I don’t always have the most epic moments, but when I do ….




Yesterday, I re-organized all my shoes – something I do twice a year. I put all my summer shoes in the back and brought my fall/winter shoes to the front of my closet. I love doing this because it almost feels like I just bought a ton of new shoes – since all these have been out of sight for about 6 months now!

As I was re-organizing, I realized that for someone who’s a major shoe addict, I’ve never blogged about shoes *gasp*! It’s time to change that! So, here are my picks for flats that are right on trend for this season –


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Added Bonus – Leopard is always sexy for fall/winter!


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Added Bonus – Strut right into spring, from winter, in these!


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Added Bonus – Smoking Slippers with studs = 2 fab trends in 1!

Smoking Slippers

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Added Bonus – These can go, very easily, from day to night!

Reptile Skin

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Added Bonus – Dress these up or down!

Which of these trends do you guys love? Will you be rocking any of them? Have you scored any fab flats yet? Please share!