Birthday Brunch

Navy Sequin Dress

So, on Saturday, I had a brunch party for my birthday. I hadn’t initially planned on doing anything for my birthday, but then my best friend convinced me to go out. So, naturally, I was on the frantic hunt for a dress. I ordered 5 dresses from Asos, and since I’m a premier member, they actually arrived on time. However, none of them fit right. They were all to big. So, I decided to try the mall. I found a gorgeous, white dress, but they didn’t have it in my size. So, they ordered it for me, and the girl assured me it will arrive on time. That dress still hasn’t arrived! So, on Friday, I decided to try the mall again, and found this beautiful, blue, sequin dress – on sale! As crazy as these brunch parties can get, I still wasn’t sure if I could do sequins. Then, after a pep talk with two of my friends, I decided it was my birthday, and I was gonna wear major sequins during the day, if I wanted to. And I was gonna own it! View Post

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