Let me just start  by saying that in my world, the stars were perfectly aligned today!

This outfit was something I had in my head, but there was a little problem – I didn’t have the leggings or the blouse. I figured oxblood is everywhere and so are leather/liquid leggings so this should be an easy task, right? Wrong! It seemed like every place I went to was out of these leggings and it every single store I went to, had everything in oxblood, EXCEPT a blouse! I knew exactly what I wanted and I wanted nothing else. After searching for days (literally!), I just gave up hope. Then 2 days ago, I was on a random shopping trick – not even looking for any of these items – and I found both! I was SO excited!

Such an ordeal for an outfit …. but you guys know how it is, right? So, I finally had the outfit and I was so excited! And then I received the ring and clutch from 6pm, just in time! Also, I suck at making sock buns but this one looks moderately decent so I was super happy about that!
Blouse: W118 by Walter Baker, from Loehmann’s. (Similar here), Leggings: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Loehmanns, Pumps: Wild Pair (Old), Watch: BCBGMaxAzria
Clutch and Ring: Gifted – thanks 6pm!
Admiring my new bling!
OPI Malaga Wine & Glitzerland

Over the years, Oxblood has changed names many times – it’s been called Burgundy, Maroon, Wine, Bordeaux …. and who knows what else! What hasn’t changed is my love for this color – it’s such a rich color and one that works on …. well, everyone! Are you as obsessed with this color, as I am? How will you be rockin’ Oxblood this season?



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Dress: Old Navy
Neon Pink Belt: Urban Outfitters (Also seen here!)
Nude Patent Pumps and Nude Snakeskin Oversized Clutch – Aldo’s
Bracelet – BCBG
Nail Pain – O.P.I On Collins Ave
 If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you already know that I am thoroughly obsessed with the neon trend. I have already acquired countless neon pieces and I’ve done several other neon posts (here and here). I really like this outfit and hope I’ll get to wear it more than just once.


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First off, I owe my best friend, Sheela, a massive shout out for motivating me to write this post! This was probably the most memorable 2011 moment for me!
For as long as I can remember, my hair has looked like this –

It’s always been long and jet black – my natural color! So, in August 2011, when I debuted the look below, everyone that knew me was essentially split into 2 groups – people who thought I was sporting a wig and then those who were speechless, unable to pick their jaw up off the floor! LOL

Why such a peculiar reaction, you might ask? Because I always swore I’d NEVER cut or color my hair, mainly because I was too paranoid that my hair would get damaged and never grow back. I’ve sort of had a love affair with my long, black hair! Hehe.

Why, then, did I finally change my hair so drastically? Well, this year, I went through something in my personal life that shook me and took a drastic toll on me.

So, when I went for a much-needed haircut, I sat in the chair and said to my stylist – “Chop it all off and color it!”. She looked at me like I had 7 heads and said – “Um, are you sure?”. She’s well aware of my love affair with my hair. I said – “Yes, just do it before I change my mind!” And so she did. The seed for this had originally been planted in my head by Sheela but even she didn’t think I’d really do it!
When I walked out of that salon, I felt like a new person. This was the farthest step I had ever taken out of my comfort zone and it felt amazing! Over the summer, I had lost myself in a very dark place but, as I looked at the new me in the mirror, I felt like I had met myself again.

So, while it’s just a new hair cut and color, it symbolizes so much more than just that. It stands for a very significant moment in my life. It stands for the strength I hold within me and the strength I derive from my amazing family and friends. Also, when I got back to the US, I was on the brim of a new and very exciting part of my life – going to grad school! I was starting classes in a week and I just wanted to “shed” all the negative energy from what I had gone through and get a fresh start!

It marked a point in my life where I changed so much and yet remained true to myself. And after that haircut, I’ve taken so many more risks, including finally starting this blog, which has been one of the best things I’ve ever done! I feel like making that change in my hairstyle gave me the comfort and courage to make so many other changes and gave me a new confidence!

This post is, by far, the closest to my heart. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you SO very much for all your support with this blog! Wishing you all A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Final thought – Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind! – Christian D. Larson

Lots of love to you all! xo



Hi everyone,

So, I’ve been meaning to start a blog for so long and I’ve finally made it. After all, what else am I supposed to do with all the MBA class time I have on my hands these days? I’m not actually expected to learn, am I? That would be too much to expect from someone who watches the clock waiting for the Burberry Prorsum show to air live from LFW …. while in class!

Well, I’m here coz I love dressing up! I think deciding what I’m gonna wear and dressing up is my favorite part of waking up every day! =] What you wear can set the mood for the rest of your day. For me, a pop of color in my outfit on a dreary, gloomy day is like the figurative ray of sunshine! However, I don’t just wanna blog about what I wear. I want your suggestions and questions and comments. I want you guys to tell me what you want me to blog about! =]

Well, I’ll be posting again soon. And I hope that you all enjoy my posts! =]