Welcome to Jet Set Dhruvi!

If y’all are following me over from my old, personal style blog – Stilettos & Sequins …. I want to say thank you! Thank you, for sticking around. I used to love blogging, and I loved it for quite some time. Then, around the end of 2016, I hit a slump. It just wasn’t fun for me anymore and so, I stopped.

Slowly, over time, I started missing blogging again, but I knew I didn’t wanna be a personal style blogger. It just wasn’t my …. thing. Also, while I’d take a break from blogging, I used to always have people reach out and ask when I was going to write my next travel post. And so ….

…. Jet Set Dhruvi was born. Travel has been my savior over the last couple years. It’s been my escape and it’s kept me balanced. As I started thinking about re-branding and re-launching my blog, I started to get excited about blogging again. I’d missed that. I’m excited to write again, share my experiences, connect with people, help people travel, explore, and live their best lives.

Thank you, for being here! If there’s any content you’d like to see, please send me a note! :) Even if it’s not about content you wanna see, send me a note. I always love connecting with people and hearing their stories! If I can help you plan a trip …. definitely reach out.