Travel Diary: Pittsburgh – 5 Reasons to Visit Now

Travel Diary: Pittsburgh – 5 Reasons to Visit Now


Happy Tuesday! Coming fresh(ish) off of my weekend in Pittshburgh, I couldn’t wait to tell you all about why you should add Pittsburgh to your list ASAP! Full disclosure: Pittsburgh took me entirely by surprise …. in the absolute best way possible! Here’s a list of all the things to do in Pittsburgh (mostly, eat)!

  1. The Food: Pittsburgh has amazing food, you guys! Like, I had SO much good food, I would go back just for that (not exaggerating)!
    1. Day 1: Lunch at Gaucho Parrilla Argentina. This is located in the Strip District, and from what I heard, there are usually long lines. However, when I went, I got there around 2pm on a Wednesday, and didn’t have to wait. The food was good, even considering I’m vegetarian, and everyone I talked to recommended it! ((If you go, let me now if you find my name written on one of the bricks right outside the women’s bathroom!))gaucho-parrilla-argentina-pittsburghThese baby carrots with goat cheese & smoked honey, at Gaucho, were super delicious. Also, their sauces all have very interesting flavors!

      Dinner at Tako: Ok so for this one, make sure y’all make a reservation in advance! For my vegetarians – I got the mushroom tacos and they were great! I’d also highly recommend getting there early or staying after and getting a drink (or a few) at Butcher & the Rye right next door – you guys, they have 800 different kinds of whiskeys (and some really unique cocktails), and the place has a really cool, rustic/country vibe!

      1. Day 2: Lunch at Pirata in Market Sq. Holy guacamole, you guys – this place was freakin’ amazing! It’s a Caribbean restaurant and rum bar (with 200+ kinds of rum), with REALLY good food. Speaking of guacamole, they have smoked pineapple guacamole that you NEED to get! For lunch, I got jackfruit tacos on beet+corn tortilla, with some really fun sauces.pirata-pittsburgh-market-square-restaurant
        Dinner at Nicky’s Thai Kitchen. They have three locations. I’d try calling to check for reservations/wait time. I was by myself so I just walked in to the one in downtown and waited about 10-15 mins. Y’all this is some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had. It was flavorful AF, and the quantity was enough for like 2 meals, at least!Dessert at The Milkshake Factory: Milkshakes on milkshakes on ridiculously delicious milkshakes. Oh, and tons of chocolate, and chocolate covered stuffs, and brownies, and more delicious stuffs. I’m not sure what else to say about this place. Just …. go!
      2. Day 3: Brunch at The Abbey on Butler. There are a ton of great brunch place in Pittsburgh, but I picked The Abbey because it would be an excuse for me to check out the Lawrenceville neighborhood, which I hadn’t made it out to yet. It’s got beautiful patio and a pretty diverse menu.abbey-butler-pittsburgh-brunchDinner at Noodlehead: I didn’t actually make it to Noodlehead but it was highly recommended by multiple people. So, if you get the chance, I’d definitely suggest checking it out!Another place I deliberately didn’t check out, but is pretty much a Pittsburgh classic – Primanti Bros, where they’ll put french fries on just about anything for you.
  2. Randyland: Y’all know I’m color-obsessed, and if you don’t then you must not follow me on Insta! Anyway, Randyland is the most colorful landmark in PGH, and I’d absolutely recommend stopping by and checking out this gem!randyland-pittsburgh
    It’s located in the Mexican War Streets district and open from 10:00am to 5:30pm every day. Entrance is free but a donation is well, and you guys …. you’re gonna wanna make a generous donation. Randy, the owner is always there and is the kindest person, with an incredible heart, and contagious energy! You can read his amazing story here!things-do-pittsburgh-weekend
  3. Andy Warhol MuseumSo, the Warhol museum was the the only thing on my absolute to-do list when I knew I was going to Pittsburgh. I would highly recommend setting aside a few hours (like 4-5 hours) to see this. It’s 7 floors of the most amazing Warhol pieces & stories – I only had about 3 hours there, and definitely felt rushed. Tip: Only Fridays the museum is open late and it’s 1/2 price from 5-10 pm!andy-warhol-museum-pittsburghI fell a little head over heels for this piece. The colors and the intensity of it were quite capturing. ((In case, anybody want to buy me a slightly extravagant gift …. ever)).
  4. The bridges: Apparently, there are a total of 446 bridges in Pittsburgh, but you don’t have to go see all of them. Obviously. Some of the most popular bridges are the identical 3 sisters bridges: Robert Clemente Bridge, Andy Warhol Bridge, and Rachel Carson Bridge, the Fort Pitt Bridge – which is part of the grand entrance into the city through the Fort Pitt tunnel, and the Fort Duquesne and West End Bridges. And one of my favorites – the David McCullough Bridge – it’s a beautiful bridge to walk across! All these bridges are painted a beautiful yellow, which certainly makes for a happy vibe all across the city.pittsburgh-bridges-3-sistersDavid McCullough Bridge, walking back from lunch at Gaucho Parrillo
  5. The Food: Did I mention the food? No, this isn’t a mistake. The food was so good I had to mention it twice.


    And then some: Point State Park was another little surprise. It’s a beautiful park located at the convergence of the two rivers, and also has a pretty nice view of some of the bridges. Pittsburgh also has some great running/hiking trails all across the city, if that’s your thing.

    Of course, there’s the Duquesne Incline. Take a taxi to the Duquesne Incline and then take the incline up – it’s $5 round trip and they only take cash. At the top of the incline is a gorgeous view of the whole city, and some pretty cool restaurants/bars.


    There’s also Market Square located in Downtown Pittsburgh, that has tons of bars and restaurants (including Pirata), and there’s always something happening here. The 2nd day I was there, I was walking around Market Sq and discovered a “Block Party” – live music, drinks, people. Can’t go wrong with that, right? The next day, they had an outdoor Spin class that was super lit! In the winter, they have a holiday market and ice skating in Market Sq. So, definitely something to check out while in Pittsburgh!

    Here’s a spot that I, regrettably, didn’t get a chance to check out, but someone I met in Pittsburgh recommended it to me – The Cathedral of Learning that’s located on the UPitt campus. It’s the tallest educational building in the western hemisphere. The Cathedral of Learning houses, amongst other things, 30 Nationality rooms – each nationality room is designed to celebrate a different culture that had an influence on Pittsburgh’s growth, depicting an era prior to 1787, which is when the university was founded.

    Neighborhoods to check out: Shadyside, Lawrenceville, Downtown, Strip District, Oakland, Southside and North Shore.

    Obviously, if you’re a sports person (or even if you’re not), it would be a great idea to visit Pittsburgh when it’s a home game for any of their sports teams, and you’re able to get tickets to a game!

    And there it is. My entire list of things to do in Pittsburgh starts and ends with food, of course! Ready to visit this unexpectedly beautiful city? You can check out these 6 sites + the methodology to find cheap airfaire, and book your flight pronto! Feel free to reach out if you have any question or anything to add to this. If you’re from Pittsburgh or have visited, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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