Another Wrap Dress

Faux Wrap Dress

Happy Friday, babies! It’s been a long, weird week. I’ve had the worst toothache for over a week. Actually teeth ache. It’s been on both sides. Top and bottom. It’s been awful. Finally made it to a dentist yesterday, and it turns out I have 2 cavities. One on each side, both in the same spot. And both cavities decided to go to work at the same time. Anyways, I know what it is, and I’m getting it fixed next week. So, TGIF!!

As for today’s outfit, it’s just another day, another wrap dress. Yep. In my last post, I mentioned how my mom had quite a bit to say about that outfit. For the most part, my mom is on board with what I wear. If she has something to say, it’s usually a suggestion that makes the outfit look better. That’s exactly what happened yesterday, when I wore this outfit to work! As I was leaving for work, she said “Don’t you have a belt to wear with that?”. I went and put on this belt and the whole outfit looked wayyyyy better with the belt! When it comes to my love for fashion and personal style, it’s safe to say I got it from my mama! Yesterday evening, however, when I went with mom to shoot this outfit, she had some more input. “Is this what you’re wearing for your blog?”, she asked. So, I told her yea. I like this outfit. So, why not? And she said “Well, it’s nothing special. Didn’t you wear something like this just the other day? I just don’t get why you’re shooting this for the blog! What are you trying to highlight in this outfit?”. I love her but I can’t with all that sass. She’s a tough one to please!! Lol.

Yes, mom, I’m wearing another wrap dress! Sorry, I’m not sorry about my obsession with wrap dresses. Maybe I need to go to wrap dress rehab. To answer my mom’s question, the highlight of this post is how you can add oomph to a simple, black dress. The belt, per her suggestion, made all the difference. Also, I bought these leopard pumps over eight months ago and still hadn’t worn them. Since it’s started to feel a bit like Fall in NJ, I figured I’d finally wear them. Although, as far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral and can be worn all year round!

Leopard Calf Hair Pumps

Olivia + Joy Sacha Satchel

Leopard Print Pumps

Wrap Dress via TJ Maxx (Similar) // Shoes (On major sale) // Olivia + Joy Bag via TJ Maxx // Julie Vos Link Bracelet c/o

By the way, these pumped look a little different originally. But I like em better this way, so I did a little, quick DIY at work! Do you like the original version better, or this one??

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