Outfit: Red Jeans + Tan Sweater

Outfit: Red Jeans + Tan Sweater

So, last Friday, I was sitting with my parents and chatting, and my mom shared a story with me that really touched me!Mom’s a banker and was talking about a customer she had that day – an old gentleman. She asker her customer how his new year has been, and he told her it wasn’t great. He said he had plans for a nice New Year’s Eve dinner with his wife, after years. They were both decked out, really happy, and excited to go out to dinner. As they were on their way to dinner, they got into an accident – someone hit them from the back.  While telling my mom all this, the man teared up. He said they’ve both sustained severe injuries from the accident, and it’s been awful. At this point, I realized I had been holding my breath because when my mom started the story, I thought she was gonna tell me the wife passed away. I don’t know why, I just felt like that’s what was coming. I finally breathed as mom continued. When she asked her customer about the accident, he told her the guy who had hit them had been on his phone. Texting. That’s when it hit me. I am ALWAYS on my phone while I’m driving, and I’m always thinking “I got this.”! In that moment, however, I realized what’s at risk, and I made the decision to stop my awful habit. I know I’m not gonna stop overnight, but I’m going to make a conscious, continued effort.

Beaded Clutch

Red Jeans

Leopard Print Shoes

Ridgewood Graydon PoolJeans (Only $15 right now!!) /Gap Sweater (Similar) / Zara Scarf (Perfect Lookalike!) / Shoes / Urban Outfitters Clutch (Similar)

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