2013 Recap

This is my last post of 2013, and it’s gonna be a long one! Let’s start with the light stuff, shall we? My favorite outfits of the year

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2013 has been one hell of a year. In February, my dad had a heart attack and it was one of the worst things my family has been through. However, it could’ve been a lot worse and it wasn’t – so that’s also our biggest blessing. He’s doing great now and I am thankful for it forever. That was pretty much the biggest low, and the biggest high of the year. My father has had two hospital stays after that, but thankfully, he’s doing just fine now.

In April, I launched this new site for the blog – which was really exciting, and you guys all loved it! Then in May, I graduated with my MBA! As exciting as that was, it’s been overshadowed by the fact that I still haven’t been able to find a job. Between September and November, I was in the process of interviewing for my dream job – 4 rounds over 2 months. The company even flew me out to their main office for a final interview. In the end, however, they didn’t make an offer. That was heartbreaking. This year, I’ve been feeling like there’s just an unbreakable barrier that’s been a constant in my job hunt. I keep trying and trying, make it through rounds of interviews, get hopeful, and then – no offer. That shit can get to you, ya know? I’m just hoping 2014 is a better year!

I’ve also had some hair-volution this year. I started with really long bangs and curls, and then got front bangs in March. Right now, I’m growing out my bangs temporarily because I’m going to an Indian wedding in a couple weeks – and I don’t think front bangs work with Indian outfits. I can’t wait to get back to my front bangs though!

My personal style has evolved so much over the year. I went from classic silhouettes and combinations, to trying different things. Like #5 above, my birthday outfit, was an all (faux) leather outfit! Whaaaatt? Oh yea, new philosophy – no such thing as too much leather. Boyfriend jeans in #10?? Yea, never thought that would happen! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see those jeans have now become a staple. Leather & plaid in #13? Never in my wildest, leather-loving dream would I ever have imagined I would combine those two! Then, I wore a romper in #15 – I always thought rompers don’t work on me, & shorts definitely don’t work on me. But that olive romper won me over. 16, 18, and 19 are also some other crazy combos! Lastly, there was #21 – I would have never …. EVER thought I could wear a midi skirt, until I laid eyes on the leather pleated midi in that outfit. I have stepped so far out of my comfort zone, that I don’t even know what my comfort zone is anymore, and I think that’s a great thing! I can only hope that this continues in 2014 – I can’t wait to see how my personal style evolves in 2014.

My fashion moment of 2013, without a doubt, is when I got to meet Eva Chen, the EIC of Lucky Magazine! I don’t think I need to say anything else about that.

Last, but certainly not least, I have you all to be tremendously thankful for! Your support, and kind words mean everything to me. I’ve said it before, but I don’t say it enough. Fellow bloggers know blogging is a LOT of work – the fact that I love it so much makes it a little easier to put that work in. At the end of it all, however, I hope that my blog can inspire someone to try something new, and to step out of their own comfort zone. That is what makes this all worth it. I’ve shared with you some very personal stuff, and you guys have lended your love and kindness. That has helped me through a lot. I just hope y’all know that I appreciate you so very much!

Also in 2013, I formed some unexpected friendships, and learned the truth about some people I thought were trustworthy friends. I’ve been down, and I’ve gotten back up – all because of my incredible friends, family, and you all. My biggest wish & only resolution, in 2014, is to find a job! So, send some good vibes, please. 2013 has been an incredibly trying year for my family and me, and also for some dear friends. I know, however, that 2014 is going to be better, After all, I am nothing if not optimistic! I hope 2013 has treated y’all a whole lot better and I hope 2014 rocks your socks off!

Thank you for EVERYTHING, and see y’all next year! Have a safe and wonderful Christmas & NYE – filled with lots of love, laughter, family, and fun! Remember to count all your blessings and be thankful.

May the best of 2013, be the worst of our 2014!

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