Kate Spade Color Block Skirt

Black Studded Sweater

Last week, I was on my way home from my dad’s store and decided to stop by …. you guessed it …. TJ Maxx. This isn’t the one by me – they always have so much different inventory depending on the store, so I stop by whenever I’m near a different TJ Maxx than my local one. Anyhoo, I was browsing the clearance racks in the Runway section when I saw this skirt. I absolutely LOVED the bright colors, and I think it’s perfect for the holidays, no?

Btw, I’m watching Revenge as I type this. Anybody else a Revenge fan? Also, I just noticed the sleeves on the picture below aren’t symmetrical. My OCD is making me crazy now. Another also – I need to learn how to do loose curls. Any tips? I think my curling iron is 1 1/4in or 1 1/2in.


Kate Spade Skirt

Kate Spade Bow SkirtHow adorable is the bow on the back of the skirt?

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Btw, I gotta tell you guys about this coat. So, I bought it when I was in undergrad – a very long time ago. I was at Macy’s one day, and saw this coat on the clearance rack – it 75% off the original price of $500 – so it was only $125!!!! However, since I was in undergrad and working and interning – all that good stuff, $125 was still a pretty big deal for me. So, I called my mom, and I’m going on and on about this gorgeous coat that fits me like a glove and is so warm! So, she gave me her approval. I still paid for it, but I just needed to know it was a good deal! Hehehe. All these years later (too many to mention), it’s still the best coat I own – still fits like a glove AND is super warm!

Ok, I think that’s all the random ramblings for today’s post.

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