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Happy Friday, lovies! First off, who’s gonna be at LuckyFABB?? I just bought my ticket two days ago, and am SO excited! Email me if you’re going – I’d love to connect with you!

So, I’m going to my friend’s 90s themed basement birthday party tonight. I actually never experienced 90s fashion here, since I was born and raised in India, and moved to the US in 2000.  So, I am definitely super excited for this party! What are y’all doing this weekend?

So, can I just say that I am slightly obsessed with this outfit? It’s so different from my usual aesthetic, and yet I kinda love it. Remember this post about backpacks? I never thought in a million years that I could pull off a backpack, until this happened. Now I kinda miss being in school. I had been looking for an affordable black, (faux) leather hat forever. So glad I found this one at JC Penney – for $7.50! I’m in the process of (maybe) growing my bangs out, and this hat is the perfect companion for the process!

Btw, you guys, I have the worst luck with white pants. Back in March, I bought the prefect distressed white jeans with zippers in the bottom. I wore them on the flight when I went to Dallas in May, and got a little stain on them. I was staying with my friend in Dallas, so I soaked the stain and left my pants on the washer. Well, my friend’s father-in-law, who was also staying there, did the laundry and put my pants in with a red shirt. He is such a sweetheart and he had gone out of his way to just be helpful, so, of course, I wasn’t mad at him. However, my favorite white pants turned pink. Then, a few months ago, I found the white pants I’m wearing in this post, at Kohl’s (also seen here). I was so freakin excited. Well, I got home from shooting these pictures, and as I was changing, I noticed that my tee had stained the entire top of my pants!!!! I have a strict policy against wearing new clothes unwashed, and this is one of the reasons why. I just couldn’t wait to wear this tee though. I guess that’s what I get for being over-eager. Anyways, I soaked the pants right away and was able to get all the color off – crisis averted *phew*!

DSC_0001How cute is this tee? The Lion King has always been one of my absolute favorite movies! I’ve also seen it on Broadway and it was incredible!



DSC_0034I love the hot pink lining inside this backpack!


Kohl’s TeeBooties, & Jeans (Similar) / Urban Outfitters Backpack (Similar) / JC Penney Hat (Similar) / Forever 21 Jewelry

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