Five Sweatshirts I Need From Asos

So, I’m in Houston as of yesterday, for a conference. It’s ridiculously hot in H-town, but it’s started to get a bit chilly in New Jersey, and I absolutely love it! Fall is my favorite season. So, I wanted to look for some cool sweatshirts – sweatshirts are definitely trending this season – and I decided to check Asos. Well, I was only looking for one or two sweatshirts but I found way too many. I narrowed the list down to five sweatshirts that I’m pretty much convinced I need. Here they are –

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 10.45.09 PMPartier / Can I Live? / Comme Des Fuckdown / Chin Up / Homiēs

Aren’t all these super fun? What do you guys think?




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