Uja & Dhiraj Wedding

As mentioned in my previous post, I was in Dallas last week for my oldest friend’s wedding. I have known Uja – the bride – for 22 years and though we haven’t always been in touch and we don’t talk on a regular basis, we’ve remained good friends. Even our families know each other well. So, I was extremely excited when she got engaged and couldn’t wait to be at her wedding!Also, I had never met the groom, Dhiraj, before so I was really looking forward to meeting him. They are both beautiful people – inside and out – and I am so happy that they’ve found each other. This was an Indian wedding so it was super colorful and lasted four days! Since I was the maid of honor, I didn’t get the opportunity to capture a lot of special moments on my camera. However, I want to share with you some of the pictures ¬†I did capture.

DSC_0178All dressed up for the first event Р Mehendi ceremony Рwhich is when the bride gets her henna done.



DSC_0314Uja & Dhiraj at the second event – peethi (or haldi) – which is when family and friends apply a turmeric paste to the bride and groom. This is essentially for purification and detoxification.

DSC_0352The happy and beautiful bride!

DSC_0361The handsome groom!

DSC_0434The bride and me on the big day

DSC_0437Goofing off before her big entrance

DSC_0470How gorgeous is her outfit? I swear the skirt alone weighed like 15 lbs!


DSC_0518In the Hindu tradition, there are some fun games that are played after the wedding. Whoever wins dominates the marriage.

DSC_0519Of course, my girl won!

DSC_0523And off they go!

CONGRATULATIONS again to the lovely couple!