Most Likely To ….

I recently discovered Erin of Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink loved her blog right away! As I was reading through, I saw this fun linkup she’s hosting and I absolutely had to participate!

So, y’all remember the superlatives section in your high school yearbook? Well, that’s pretty much what this linkup is about, except we’re talking about superlatives that apply to us now. So, here goes ….

I would be most likely to ….

  1. Dive in a pool of glue and then roll around in glitter & sequins (I think I like sparkle. Maybe just a little.)
  2. Pack a huge suitcase for a weekend – because my backup outfits have backup outfits. I can be slightly indecisive at times.
  3. Not go out with a guy because he’s not into sports (had to copy this from Erin because it’s super true!) and movies.
  4. Walk into a random place, and walk out with like 5 new friends. (I love starting random conversations!)
  5. Be out partying till 6 am (and then sleeping for the rest of the weekend!)
  6. Be overdressed (Better over than under, right?)
  7. Overreact – my bestie’s claim! (Um, WHAT?!)
  8. Get overly obsessed with something …. for all of 5 minutes and then …. “I’m over it. I can’t.”
  9. Have my food get cold coz I’m too busy trying to take the right picture to Instagram (Yep, I’m one of those!)
  10. Correct people on bad grammar and spelling – watch out for the Grammar Police (tweets/texts/Fb posts – nothing is off limits!
So, what are your personal superlatives today?