Spring 2013 Wardrobe Update

With a new season, we have new trends and these trends change so rapidly that’s it tough to always keep up and update your wardrobe to match every trend! I have a couple rules about this – 1. Remember you don’t HAVE to follow every trends. 2. You don’t have to flood your wardrobe with the new trends every season. What I typically do is buy 1 or 2 pieces for each trend that I’m loving.

Let’s talk about Spring 2013. I’m so excited because as much as I love brights and florals (and I do LOVE brights & florals), it’s great to see some fun, new trends! I’m gonna stick with 3 of my faves for this season – Black & White, Stripes, and Leather. I’ve picked some of my favorite pieces for each trend.

PS – As mentioned in this post, I’m on a 2-month shopping ban. So, this was not easy for me – I want literally every single piece! You guys have fun shopping on my behalf! :)

Black & White

Bag / Flats / Pumps / Skirt / Dress / Pants / Top / Necklace

Dress / Skirt / Bag / Jeans / Scarf / Shoes / Top

Vegan Skirt / Dress / Pants / Corset Top / Jacket / Peplum Top
Well, happy wardrobe update!